Loraine Glueck- Gholdston

Squanto Day

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s a reason Thanksgiving is the most boring holiday on the calendar — unless your family is the food fight variety, of course. We all know that the Pilgrims and Indians worked hard to produce a great harvest together then partied to enjoy the resulting feast — a longtime tradition among most Native American tribes.

Ugandan Orphans Benefit from “Mockingbird Fly” Fundraiser

Reading Time: 2 minutes Uganda might seem like far away and exotic place to most Americans, but for David Ssejinja, it is his native home and life’s work. Ssejinja is currently supporting about 950 Ugandan children and widows there, most of them disadvantaged by AIDS and war. He started the Ssejinja Children’s Foundation to “give back” to his country, and to give the children what he never had growing up there.

RE: FWD: FWD: Blind Faith

Reading Time: 3 minutes Just about everyone with an e-mail address is doomed to fall victim to the evil forward fairy. Well-intended messages with pictures of cute, fluffy domesticated animals, incredible stories with questionable origins, fantastic examples of Photoshop forgery, and myriad offensive political statements bombard my inbox daily. And yet, until today, I just read a few that looked mildly interesting and deleted the rest. I never responded, not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, no matter how much some of these idiotic things have offended me.

In defense of the Croc

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’ve seen at least three articles online this week complaining about Crocs. It seems people thought they were so ugly, there was no way they could stick around. Lo and behold, they’re still here, much to the horror of the fashion police. One writer even admitted to teaching his son to make fun of people who wear them.