John Ditzler

Students oppose military recruiters on campus

A group of students and community members was forcibly escorted from the McKay Events Center by campus police on Wednesday March 25, after engaging in counter-recruitment activities during UVU’s Career Fair. U.S. Military recruiters had information and recruitment tables at the Career Fair, which the escorted individuals said they were there to counter with information presenting a viewpoint other than a U.

Obama matches actions to rhetoric, reaffirms best in American ideals

The first week into President Obama’s term, he has started the process of delivering on his campaign promises of bringing change to America. During his first full day in office, Obama officially announced his intention to close the United States’ detention center in Guantanamo Bay and by the end of his second full day in office had signed three Executive Orders stipulating that the detention center be closed within one year, ordering the closure of other secret and not so secret CIA detention facilities around the globe, ordering a review of military trials of detained, suspected terrorists, and halting the use of harsh and torturous interrogation practices until US measures initiated by the Bush Administration’s War on Terror can be reviewed.

Israel Attacks Gaza

Violence continues amid worldwide protests opposing the escalating hostilities between Palestinians and the state of Israel. Dec. 19 marked the end of a shaky six-month truce between the Israeli government and Palestinian leaders within Hamas, with missiles fired by the latter into Israeli civilian territory and a concerted Israeli military offensive followed Dec.