Summer Loving, Have You A Blast

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Alex Rivera, Editor-in-Chief @HashtagginAlex


Being a couple in the valley has its perks. Being a couple in the valley during the summer has even more perks. Whether you’re a simple couple or a more adventurous one, there are plenty of things to do during the summer.

With temperatures rising to an uncomfortable 90 degrees, it’s only ?tting that this summer people should look for ways to stay comfortable in the sweltering sun. There are the obvious choices like pools and even Seven Peaks. But here are some hidden treasures you and your loved one can enjoy as well.

The new Provo Recreational Center is huge and includes an indoor and outdoor pool fully equipped with slides and diving boards. If the pool is not your cup of tea, sit out in the sun and enjoy the nice tan you’ve always been dreaming of. The center is also fully equipped with rock walls, basketball courts, racquetball courts, and the always necessary cardio rooms. There are multiple things to ful?ll you and your signi?cant other’s need, so plan your day accordingly when you visit this place.

The Provo Beach Resort is a wonderful place to share some time together as well while trying to cool off from the hot weather. With an indoor ?owrider, couples can compete or laugh at each other as they attempt to ride “the best wave in the Rocky Mountains.” But don’t let the name of the resort fool you. With a bowling alley, a gold simulator, and—my personal favorite—a ropes course, there is plenty to do for each of you at the Provo Beach Resort. They even have plenty of carnival games to keep a fun, competitive atmosphere between the both of you.

If your budget is tight, here are some wallet-friendly activities you two can do together.

Watch a movie for a low, low price at Cinemark Movies 8, the dollar theater in Provo. Movies that have been out in theaters for a long time make their way to there for a discounted ticket price. With movies like “Oblivion,” “Jurassic Park 3D,” and “Oz the Great and Powerful” currently being shown there, it is a cheap way to enjoy a dark room with the one you love.

If you’re hungry after and still on that tight budget, travel over to Pizza Pie Cafe across the street to complete the dinner-and-a-movie experience. All of this for under $20 is a great deal for those with boxes of Top Ramen in their pantry.

Nickel City in Orem is also a delight for those seeking a more hands-on experience while still trying to save some money for a treat afterwards. Try your luck at plenty of carnival games, win tickets and trade them in for matching mustaches to take that necessary Instagram picture. With Yogurtland right around the corner, there’s always room for dessert as well.

My wife and I are a simple people. A Redbox-night sharing a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is good enough for us. But those seeking some fun in the sun can turn to these active locations to enjoy their summer to the fullest. And don’t forget guys, always let her get the upper hand at everything. It’s more fun that way.



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