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When thinking about where to spend spring break most people opt for warmth and sunshine but for some people that is not always the case. While the western half of the United States is experiencing warm summer like temperatures, the east coast is still clinging to winter.

Many attractive travel destinations are still cold, packing for these places can be difficult. Packing for hot weather is easy because warm weather clothing takes up much less room but in cold weather luggage space becomes a big issue when trying to plan your outfits.

Packing in layers instead of bulk will help to eliminate much of the space taken up by heavy sweaters and sweatshirts. Picking clothing that are made of natural fibers like wool will help to regulate body temperature in colder weather.

It will also help if the layers you pick are thin and insulating, when paired with another shirt or pants base layers will help keep you warm. Jessica Diaz a freshman at UVU has traveled extensively throughout the US and frequents colder climates in the fall and winter. “Layers are important because you can regulate your body temperature easily.” If you end up warming up too much all you have to do is remove some of the excess layers until you are at a comfortable temperature.

Wool socks are the ideal choice to pack when it comes to walking around in cold weather. This can be tricky when trying to pack light because those wool socks can end up taking up almost half of your space. As a solution to this you can purchase socks that are made of thinner wool, or other insulating materials that will still keep in warmth and take up much less room.

Picking the right footwear for your trip can either make or break it. Wearing the wrong type of shoe and potentially slipping and falling or spending an entire day with soggy feet can be a disaster. Pick a shoe that will be comfortable to spend the entire day in walking around site seeing. A good rubber outsole with tread will keep your feet warm and dry and will also prevent slipping and falling on icy streets. To save of space, never pack the boots, wear them while you travel.

The same thing can be said about coats, if you wear it while you travel a lot of space in your luggage is left free for other items. Picking a warm coat with a high warmth to weight ratio will help keep it compact if you must pack your coat. Patagonia and North Face offer many outdoor coats that are lightweight while maintaining warmth.

Packing for warm weather is much easier, tanks, tee’s and shorts are all you need and they take up little space which makes it easy to bring plenty of options.

Knowing the weather in whatever location you are traveling will greatly dictate what you pack. Whether it’s the tropics or the tundra make sure you always pack smart.

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