New Alpha Phi Sigma chapter at UVU

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Briar Van | Staff Writer | @briar_van


On April 17 UVU held the first induction ceremony for charter members of the new chapter Alpha Phi Sigma UVU Pi Nu. To create a new APS chapter at UVU several steps must be followed.

They are required to charter a club to manage funds and maintain campus policies and procedures, according to UVU rules.  The society requires signatures from the dean, department chair and faculty advisor, along with ten students ready to pay their membership fees who meet the academic standards.

In order to submit an application to become a member a student must have a GPA of at least 3.2 and be willing to uphold the pillars of Alpha Phi Sigma.

“I love watching my students grow and getting to know them on a personal level,” said Dr. Marcy Hehnly, the new club’s faculty advisor.

Errol Flynn was one of Hehnly’s students and the mastermind behind creating a new APS chapter at UVU. The process to bring the Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society to campus began in the fall of 2014. Once the idea was in place, Flynn did the legwork necessary to make it a reality including recruiting new members.

The induction ceremony began with all the club officers being pinned and welcomed in.  The rest of the members were welcomed in by the officers, Hehnly and Matt Duffin the department chair.

Students who do not meet academic requirements to join the honor society can still participate in various events through club membership and engage with other students and criminal justice professionals.

As a member of the APS the members promise to uphold the ideas, traditions, and to maintain a high moral character in accordance with the National Criminal Justice Honor Society and the local and national officers.