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Reading Time: 3 minutes Some ideas for what to wear with your family, your significant other’s family and New Year’s

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Holidays with family: If you’re anything like me and my family, Christmas Day is spent in bedhead and pajamas. But maybe you’re having company over for dinner, like a significant other that’s meeting your family for the first time, or you’re simply nothing like my family and get dressed for the day. Whatever the case may be, just because you’re with your family doesn’t mean you should wear an ugly Christmas sweater (unless the family member that gifted it to you is there).


Cozy: I think of Christmas as a cozy lazy day, so even if you have to look public presentable, wear something comfortable like a warm over sized sweater or sweater dress, or a comfy pair of jeans with a simple long-sleeved shirt. Really, it’s up to you, but comfy-cute is a good direction when it comes to Christmas Day with the family.

Ugly sweater: So that relative that gave you the ugly sweater is going to be at dinner, and you feel obligated to wear it. Or maybe it’s a family tradition to wear ugly sweaters on Christmas. You can still look good doing it. If it’s a large sweater, pair it with a pair of leggings and cute boots. Let your hair down to cover as much of the sweater as possible and add some curls or waves to it to dress it up a bit. If it’s more your size, skinny jeans paired with boots or cute flats will help.

Christmas at HIS house: You could be meeting the parents for the first time, or this might be your millionth time spending time with them. Regardless, you want to make a good impression. Keep it simple and modest. And try to look festive so his family can see that you like the holidays. That doesn’t mean you should pull out your green light up Christmas tree earrings. It just means that maybe you wear a little red or green somewhere in your outfit (notice I didn’t say red AND green… please don’t).


Sweater: You can’t go wrong with a sweater. A light-knit turtleneck or cowl neck sweater with dark wash jeans and a pair of boots looks nice, but makes you look approachable as well. And approachable is good when it comes to your significant other’s family.

Makeup: Keep it light and conservative. If you usually wear a lot of makeup, try neutral eye makeup, using brown and champagne colors, and a simple gloss on your lips. If you usually don’t wear a lot of makeup or any at all, don’t stray away. Maybe wear some mascara and lip-gloss if you want to add a little something.

New Year’s: How are you planning on ringing in 2013? Whether you’re going to a big, fancy party, going to see fireworks or just keeping it simple with dinner at home with friends and family, keep in mind that New Year’s is all about flashy and sparkly. No matter the occasion, there’s a way you can incorporate it into your New Year’s Eve plans.


Sequined dress: sequined dresses have been popular since last season, and New Year’s is the perfect time to rock one and sparkle like the ball in Times Square. With all that sequins, don’t add too much jewelry or anything else that will make it too over the top.

Keeping it simple: If you’re doing the low-key thing for the New Year, just embellish with sequins or a metallic. A purse, scarf, hat, shoes or even jewelry can add just a little New Year’s vibe to your look.

Makeup: If you don’t own any sequins, sparkle or metallic or simply don’t want to wear any, add your sparkle in your makeup. Don’t get too crazy with it, but a simple shimmer in your eye makeup will make you festive.

Though I focus on Christmas ideas, these tips work for any holiday you celebrate during the winter break. No matter what you decided to wear or what your plans are. Remember to stay warm, have fun and be safe! Happy Holidays!

Vanessa Perkins is a student at UVU and the Managing Editor for the UVU Review. Follow her @nessarose7

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