Giving still in season

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean the spirit of giving has disappeared.

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean the spirit of giving has disappeared.

Over at the Heber campus, UVSC students can participate in the Giving Tree service project. This event features a tree with decorations that have various items named on them – items to be purchased and returned to the tree. The gifts go to the Wasatch Justice Center, which helps children in rough situations, such as those in abusive homes who have no other place to go.

The gifts students can purchase for the kids include soap, movies, snacks, and more. This makes the Giving Tree a simple way for students to give a lending hand to the community.

The event lasts until the end of February, but may actually continue into March, depending on various circumstances.
The Giving Tree is being coordinated by campus service learning, and all who are interested are encouraged to get involved. For those unable to make it to the Heber campus, it is still possible to participate. Students can call Katy Young at (801) 863-6618, who is helping organize the project, or can contact her through e-mail at [email protected] for more information. If necessary, arrangements can be made for students to be given items to purchase, items that can then be dropped off at the main Orem campus.

Donating to this good cause is a great way for UVSC students to boost their karma and help out kids in less than ideal circumstances. Who says we can’t help each other out all year long?

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