Five nutrients to fill your fridge

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As autumn falls upon us, student’s workloads increase, often balancing academics and jobs. Nutrition falls low on the priority list, which can greatly affect mental and physical health for the worse.


The faster paced schedule a student develops, the more important it is to find balance in their diet and give their body just what it needs. Our bodies are similar to a car. The nutrients you fuel yourself with directly relate to how your body performs.


Filling your fridge with healthy food is a service to yourself. There are five important nutrients that can make your wellness improve today.


The first to load up on is potassium. The benefits to our bodies are immense, starting with keeping our hearts beating. Following that, it maintains water balance and keeps our nervous system on track to make sure muscles function correctly.


Negative effects of not having enough potassium are muscle cramping as well as constipation and exhaustion. The best way to ensure potassium balance is to eat the following foods: baked potatoes, bananas, spinach and yogurt. Try incorporating these basics into your meals at least once a day.


Fiber is also a crucial component that needs to be focused on in meal intake each day. There are two different types: insoluble and soluble fiber. Insoluble fiber is often found in whole-wheat products and helps increase movement in our digestive system. A good source of soluble fiber is oatmeal and it decreases cholesterol and glucose levels.


The best way to consume fiber is through pears, raspberries and black beans. Whether you turn these foods into meals or snacks, the benefits will be the same.


Calcium is also often neglected and underemphasized. Besides the well-known making our bones strong, it impacts nerve transmission and decreases our risk of blood clots. Lack of calcium can escalate chances of fractures in our bones and lead to osteoporosis.


Besides milk, Swiss cheese and collard greens are great ways to implement the proper source of calcium in your body.


Vitamin D, usually associated with sun exposure, is the only vitamin that our bodies can both consume and create on our own. With the proper amount it can help regulate cell growth and fight potential cardiovascular disease.


As summer and the sun begin to fade, it’s important to maintain proper Vitamin D balance. Fatty fishes such as salmon and tuna are an excellent source. Fortified orange juice and milk are also viable options.


Last but not least is iron intake. Not only is it a building block of protein, it also carries oxygen throughout our bodies and affects muscle growth. Lack of iron can lead to amnesia, problems maintaining a proper body temperature and anemia. Be aware of these symptoms and get them checked out as needed.


Great snacks to boost iron with are cashews and dried apricots. Purchasing iron pills and taking them daily is also an excellent source.


Implementing these five nutrients will not only be preventative but also have instantaneous advantages for your body if you start consuming them today.

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