Wrestling team boasts two sets of freshman twins

Jade Rauser (left) and Chase Cuthbertson (right) position themselves during the annual Intrasquad Dual last month. Kelly Linde/UVU Athletics

Jade Rauser of Montana sits rubbing his shoulder, possibly nursing a sore muscle after hours of high-intensity wrestling. Across from him sits his twin brother, Val, another young wrestler with brown hair and a small but sturdy build. Flanking the brothers sit another pair of twins: Chase and Kyle Cuthbertson of Alabama, both blonde and larger in build than the Rauser twins.


This season UVU Wrestling gained two talented sets of twins for its team. Both sets of twins have been wrestling almost since they could walk and promise to make a positive contribution to UVU’s wrestling team.


“We’re really pleased with how they represent us and we think they’re going to have great careers here,” said wrestling head coach, Greg Williams, of the four young men.


Williams reports that he was watching the sets of twins while they were in high school—all of them were state champions in wrestling. Each of the four was recruited to UVU and Williams describes them as good young men with leadership potential.


Jade was undefeated in high school with a 175-0 record, four state championship wins and other honors. The other three young men aren’t far behind, and all of them had nearly perfect high school wrestling records.


When asked what it’s like to be on the same team with a twin brother, all of the boys agreed that it adds an extra push to succeed. The brothers set high expectations for one another and are also there to lend encouragement.


“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Chase said, who reports that he and Kyle have never really been apart other than during their two-year missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Jade admits that he and Val joke with each other sometimes, but says there is no true rivalry. The Cuthbertson twins say the same.


The boys are all pleased with the wrestling program at UVU and say that the coaches are great. They admit that the coaches expect them not only to perform athletically but academically, recognizing that UVU is an institution of learning.


The boys also say they expect UVU’s team to do well and keep improving. Val says that the team has a large number of talented wrestlers. However, he thinks people view UVU as a set of “underdogs.” This is nothing new for Val, as he says his high school team was also viewed as an underdog team. He sees UVU’s team as “up-and-coming” and has high expectations for the team’s future.


The key to wrestling and to life according to these young men is simple: hard work.


“There’s no replacement for hard work,” Kyle said.


He said that in high school one might be able to get away with pure talent, but in college hard work makes the difference.


Other lessons the boys have gained from and for wrestling include humility, dedication and the ability to pursue goals.


To see UVU’s twin fighters and the rest of the UVU wrestlers, check out the match schedule at www.wolverinegreen.com.


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