Utah Valley reigns over Oregon

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LacrossAfter traveling to Salem, Oregon on Thursday, March 18, the Utah Valley University lacrosse team led a winning streak of three games against Willamette, Western Oregon and Santa Cruz.

The first game played against Willamette was won 8-3. Coach Kevin Perkins stated that it is always tough to play after traveling and he considered this a practice game.

The next game on Friday, March 19 was against Western Oregon whom Utah Valley trampled in a final score of 15-8. This was the second time Utah Valley has defeated Western Oregon this year.

“We were confident throughout the whole game,” said Perkins, “we were never behind.” Perkins stated that the team came out strong and kept possession of the ball throughout the entire game.

The Wolverines stepped on the field Saturday afternoon and completely dominated Santa Cruz 16-8. Both Chad Frost and Bryan Tyrrell scored three goals and had four assists in the game.

“It was a perfect game,” said Perkins.

“I couldn’t ask for better.”

Perkins commented that sophomore midfielder Austin Nielsen dominated face-offs throughout the weekend and that freshmen Michael Santamaria along with Peter Santamaria were large contributors
to the success of the trip to Oregon.

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