Utah Valley plays green and white exhibition

Jordan Swarbrick returns for his final season as a Wolverine. Kira Terry/UVU Review

Basketball fans got a preview of the men’s basketball team Wednesday, Nov. 3, as the team played an intrasquad green-and-white game.

While appearing sluggish at the start, the players came alive midway through the first half and carried the energy through the end of a shortened second.

With the team split evenly between the home and away uniforms, it was difficult to assess all the strengths and weaknesses.

During the first half, freshman Holton Hunsaker and junior transfer Isiah Williams shot a combined 87.5 percent behind the line, with Hunsaker sinking all five of his shots.

Overall, the two intrasquad teams combined for 84 points in the first, posting a 54 percent field goal percentage. Whether this is a testament to the Wolverines’ offensive power or a lack of defensive play remains to be seen.

Notably absent from the first half were senior guard Shawn Deadwiler and junior Rory Fannon. Their presence was certainly felt in the energetic 10-minute second half, with 3-point coverage tightening and defenses on both sides arriving.

With Deadwiler on the court, shot percentage dropped significantly, with the opposing side failing to make a single 3-point shot and posting a dismal 35.7 percent field goal percentage. Neither side was able to get ahead of the other despite looking more alive on the court.

After the game, Coach Dick Hunsaker described the team’s performance as neither lackadaisical nor superhuman. Watching from the sideline, Coach Hunsaker was able to observe the team play, and while he saw areas to improve on, he approved of the effort overall.

With eight newcomers joining the five returning starters, Coach Hunsaker saw a team that was still finding itself. He explained that there is still uncertainty with each individual and their role they are playing on the team.

Coach Hunsaker noted that there are still areas in need of improvement, such as timing, execution and learning the plays. Perhaps most telling of all, Coach Hunsaker noted that the team needs to be more decisive while playing defense. When asked about the number of 3-pointers made in the first half, Coach Hunsaker responded, “I’m just happy to see them on the court.”

UVU’s big test comes this Friday at 7 p.m. when the Wolverines will take on the University of Maine in the UCCU Center. Undoubtedly, Coach Hunsaker will be working on the team’s weak points throughout the coming week.

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