Help with math can be found in a program called Ology, which helps students pass math classes in as little as eight weeks. Gilbert Cisneros/UVU Review

Across the freeway is a place called Ology, which is a place where students can go to get their math classes done quickly and transfer their credits to another school.

Students enrolled in Ology do not have to take and pay for lower level classes that do not count towards graduation and they go to one class that has no more than eight students.

Ology has a “pass or don’t pay” promise. If students don’t get their money’s worth, they will get their money back. Ology wants their students to succeed and they want them to pass.


The students, however, have to make sure to hand in assignments, take tests, work hard and fulfill the requirements to pass the class. If students do those things and do not pass, they will give the money back or be allowed a retake of the course for free.

Ology takes students through BYU’s Independent Study math course and covers material to help them succeed. Once students are done, they can transfer their credits to any other Utah college. Even if they are in Math 950, they are still able to finish in just one class.

The courses offered through Ology are 1030, 1040 and 1050 math courses. The 1050 course is for anyone who needs to obtain their general math requirement. For this class, students enroll in BYU’s math 110 course through their Independent Study program. This class goes through the BYU course and once it’s done, the student can transfer their credit.

Classes are offered from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Ology’s 1050 course has an option of a half semester and full semester course. The half semester meets four times a week and the full semester meets two times each week. This helps students to take the course when they have time. The summer courses start May 9.

This class is $999 for the Ology instruction, plus $459 for the online college algebra course and $79 for the MyLabPlus online textbook. If needed, calculus and statistics can then be taken at the college they are enrolled in.

For students who only need Math 1030 or 1040 for their major, Ology Stats is the class to take. This course takes students through BYU’s Independent Study Stats 121 class.

This gives students the QL requirement for graduation. It is only offered two hours a week and meets twice a week. This class is $889, plus $459 for the BYU stats 121 course.

For more information on Ology, call 801-404-5209 or email them at [email protected]