We Were Right! (Sort Of) | QF Episode 3 (Re-post)

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Our Ten Point This Episode:

Starting Five
1. Women’s basketball: 2-0 in the WAC, wins at home against GCU and CSU Bakersfield. 
2. Women’s basketball goes on a three game road trip to Seattle, UT Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico State 
3. Men’s basketball: 0-2 in the WAC, losses to GCU and CSU Bakersfield on the road.  
4. Men’s basketball comes back home for a three game stint against Seattle, UT Rio Grande Valley, and New Mexico State.
5. Alexis Cortez named WAC player of the week for the second time this season.  Finished her game against UT Rio Grande Valley with 16 points, including 4-of-5 on three-point shots, to go with 10 rebounds, four assists and four steals.

The Big Four
6. Utah Jazz: the next 12 out of 14 games are at home, most against winnable teams.  Have been ok the last few weeks.
7. Utah Basketball: started conference play, beat ASU on the road, took U of A to OT on the road.
8. BYU Basketball: Eeked out a win against Pacific, lost big to Saint Marys
9. Bowl Games (yikes)

Intermediate Segment: Hot Takes

Final Stretch
10. Review the College Football National Championship

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Host: Andrew Creer
Co Host: Tanner Heath
Production, Editing, and Mixing by: Ethan Young
Logos Designed By: Thomas Willis
(Original Post Date: 01/11/19)


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