Your voice matters: UVUSA wants to increase voter involvement from students

UVU Student Association, led by UVUSA Chief Justice Candyce Damron, hosted a voter initiative event on Thursday, Oct. 24 to spread the message that each voice matters.

Each student on campus was represented by the lining up of 41,000 flags along the Fulton Library courtyard, as well as the Student Life and Wellness Center courtyard. UVUSA volunteers also had two booths set up to encourage students to register on the spot, as well as a link to register if they did not have the time. 

“People often say, ‘I’m just one person, my voice doesn’t matter’, but look at the impact we [could] make if we all understood that our voices really do matter,” said Damron.

In the state of Utah, more than 184,000 individuals are registered at a public college, with UVU ranking the highest for having the most students. 

Since so many Utah residents are in college, the state legislature has been pushing campuses to promote more voter involvement. With the 2020 presidential election coming up next year, getting students to vote is an important step to be taking.

“We encourage students to grab a flag and write their name on it to represent their voice,” said Damron. “We liked the idea of a visual representation so [that] students could see what we can achieve together.” 

To register to vote, go to

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