Wolverines Podium at six events at Weber State Invitational, fail to podium at NM State Classic

Both the men's and women's teams podiumed at six events each (Photo courtesy of UVU Athletics).

The Utah Valley University men’s and women’s track teams had a strong showing at the Weber State Invitational in Ogden, Utah, and the UNM Collegiate Classic in Albuquerque, New Mexico on February 4-5. Overall, the Wolverines finished first in twelve events and had thirty-nine athletes reach the podium.

The Wolverine men’s team had an excellent performance at the Weber State Invitational and finished first in six events. In the most dominant win for the Wolverines, freshman Adam Bunker, freshman Cameron Jacobs and sophomore Josh Peters all podiumed in the Men’s 3000. The women’s team also had an impressive performance, finishing first in six events. Leading the way for the Wolverines, Hannah Branch, Caila Odekirk and Everlyn Kemboi all stood on the podium in the Women’s Mile.

At the UNM Collegiate Classic, the Wolverines were unable to reach the podium despite strong performances from sophomore Larissa Dabb, senior Caleb Furnell, junior Isaac Manning and junior Aaron Johnson. The Wolverines will be back in action on Feb. 12 at the Mountain States Games in Pocatello, Idaho. 

Included below are the full results of both events.

At The Weber State Invitational

Men’s 55

2. Ryan Tenn, Jr.

4. Jordan Daw, Jr. 

Women’s 55

3. Emma Newbold, Jr.

7. Ellie Norton, Fr. 

Men’s 200 

3. Jordan Daw, Jr.

6. Ryan Tenn, Jr.

7. Isaiah Gerald, Fr.

Women’s 200

1. Emma Newbold, Jr

3. Ellie Norton, Fr.

Men’s 400

2. Jacob Supinger, Jr. 

5. Dallin Anderson, Fr.

Women’s 400

6. Meg Walker, So. 

8. Jenna Welch, Fr. 

11. Emma Aldred-Hunt, Jr.

Men’s 800

4. Austin Hone, So. 

5. James Pickford, So.

Women’s 800 

2. Taylor Viertel, Jr. 

10. Becky Swanson-Lowder, Fr.

Men’s 1 Mile

1. Habtamu Chaney, Jr.

5. Kale Sharp, Sr.

6. Max Mahon, Fr.

9. Matthew Berry, Fr.

Women’s 1 Mile 

1. Hannah Branch, Jr. 

2. Caila Odekirk, Fr.

3. Everlyn Kemboi, Jr.

4. Mazzie Melaney, So.

7. Miah Weaver, Jr.

8. Kate Richardson, Jr.

9. Agnieszka Lubowska, Fr.

12. Alysa Lindley, Fr.

16. Madison White, Fr.

Men’s 3000

1. Adam Bunker, Fr. 

2. Cameron Jacobs, Fr.

3. Josh Peters, So.

4. Andrew Blackham, Fr.

5. Max Mahon, Fr.

6. Kale Sharp, Sr.

8. Max Burton, Fr.

12. Bridger Isbell, Fr.

Women’s 3000

2. Zoe Hales, So.

3. Maggie Zwahlen,

4. Elizabeth Zwahlen, Fr.

6. Kate Richardson, Jr.

Men’s 55 Hurdles 

3. Josh Rudder, Sr. 

4. Isaiah Gerald, Fr.

7. Jacob Deming, Jr.

Women’s 55 Hurdles

1. Emma Aldred-Hunt, Jr.

2. Paige Young, So. 

3. Jenna Welch, Fr.

5. Meg Walker, So.

6. Carly Koehler, Jr.

7. Becky Swanson-Lowder, Fr.

Men’s 4×400

1. Utah Valley ‘A’

2. Utah Valley ‘B’

Women’s 4×400

3. Utah Valley ‘A’ 

6. Utah Valley ‘B’

Men’s High Jump

2. Seth Krauss, Sr.

3. Dalin Snyder, Jr. 

5. Jeffrey Duvinston, Jr. 

5. Carter Cook, Fr.

11. Josh Rudder, Sr.

15. Jacob Deming, Jr. 

Women’s High Jump

1. Kallie Given, Jr.

4. Meg Walker, So.

Men’s Pole Vault

4. Porter Westerling, Fr.

Women’s Pole Vault

2. Ally Keil, Sr. 

2. Mayson Rollo, Jr.

Men’s Long Jump

3. Jacob Demming, Jr.

4. Dylan Clements, Fr.

9. Josh Rudder, Sr.

Women’s Long Jump

2. Paige Young, So.

5. Sydney Dennis, Fr.

6. Kelsi Oldroyd, Fr.

Men’s Tripple Jump

1. Dylan Clements, Fr. 

Women’s Tripple Jump

1. Sydney Dennis, Fr.

Men’s Shot Put

1. Andrew Smith, Fr. 

3. Josh Clark, Jr. 

4. Sterling Hatch, Fr.

6. Nick Clements, So. 

Women’s Shot Put

2. Maezzi Mund, Fr.

3. Sarah Carillo, Fr.

5. Kylie Tuimaualuga,  Fr.

Men’s Weight Throw

1. Josh Clark, Jr.

3. Andrew Smith, Fr.

4. Nick Clements, So.

5. Sterling Hatch, Fr.

Women’s Weight Throw

1. Maddy Beyeler, Jr.

4. Sarah Carillo, Fr.

5. Kylie Tuimaualuga, Fr.

7. Maezzi Mung, Fr.

8. Elyssa Shaw, Fr.

10. Jada Ragin, Jr.  

At The UNM Classic

Men’s 200

12. Caleb Furnell, Sr.

Men’s 400

24. Cameron Franklin, Fr.

Women’s 400

11. Larissa Dabb, So.

Men’s Pole Vault

4. Isaac Manning, Jr.

Men’s Long Jump

6. Aaron Johnson, Jr.

Women’s Long Jump

12. Krista Farley, So.

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