UVU winter fashion do’s and don’ts

Whether or not you’re much into fashion, you should know—it’s not going anywhere.  But as you’re getting dressed for the day, whether you’re donning your best outfit or throwing on whatever is comfortable, do you ever wonder what the opposite sex thinks of your fashion choices?  UVU students were asked what they do and don’t like to see on the opposite sex as far as winter fashion goes. Here’s what some of them they had to say:


“I love it when men wear fitted, button-up shirts with the sleeves rolled up.” –Tuare Garrido, senior


“I don’t like when guys [at UVU] wear other school apparel.” –Scarlet Lajara, senior


“Leggings are nice.” –Ben Roedel, senior


“I don’t like scarves that are too tight around [guys’] neck. It just makes them look a little too ‘Gap.’ The poofy jackets are also a big no.” –Shireen Partovi, sophomore


“I like a nice shirt, jeans and boots.” –Drew Clark, senior


“I just hate New Balance sneakers.” –Leslie Fortuna, sophomore


“I like beanies.” –Annie Pardo, freshman


“I hate it when guys wear their pants so low. Get jeans that fit!” –Tuare Garrido, senior


“I like beanies, like the slouchy ones. And I like when guys wear zip-up hoodies underneath military jackets.” –Scarlet Lajara, senior.


“I just don’t like Uggs.” –Ben Roedel, senior


“I like vests, but not cut-off vests, not like ‘I’m a cowboy’ vests.” –Leslie Fortuna, sophomore


“It doesn’t really matter to me at all.” -Jen Huntsman, freshman


“I like the fancy looking peacoats, I just think it looks really stylish” –Shireen Partovi


“Hats are questionable and I don’t like it when girls wear sweats every day.” –Steve Miller, senior


“I love peacoats.” –Trevor Stevens, freshman


“I don’t like when men wear flip flops, it’s pretty gross.” –Annie Pardo, freshman


“It’s nice to see [them] in beanies and scarves.” –Sharoski Dalmasi, senior


“I hate it when girls wear a ton of jewelry and when they have a ring on every finger. It’s terrible.” –James Frederickqson, sophomore


“I hate big fuzzy boots.” –Trevor Stevens, freshman


“I love to see guys in skinny jeans with those military boots with a nice plaid shirt.” –Annai Lagunes, sophomore


By Yvette Cruz

Photos by Gilbert Cisneros

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