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Dear graduates and those still on the road,

How did we get here? Well, with a lot of hard work and dedication, right? Or so I would hope.
2009-2010 was a fantastic year for UVU. We were approved for a much needed new science building. We have a new university president. The Center for Student Success opened, along with a Jamba Juice and an expanded Campus Bookstore. I’m sure many of you had children, got married or engaged and celebrated multiple personal successes. The year probably also brought typical struggles. But you can count this year as complete, another notch on the wall. Congratulations on your achievements.
Working with the student newspaper, I have had the opportunity to see the university behind the scenes. So many people contribute to the success of each student on this campus. Some are known, such as academic advisors, professors and administrative support. Many others are behind the scenes. Those that keep the buildings up to code, manage UVLINK and those who keep the campus clean. All of these people undoubtedly contributed to your success, as they did mine. It has been my privilege to work with the campus newspaper and to serve the student body in this capacity.
The university experience is one that should shape you, both academically and personally. I hope you waded waters that may not have been your temperature; listened to others who may not have shared your opinions; read books that made your eyes sprint from line to line because of their fascinating content; been inspired by passionate professors that would rather spend time discussing pertinent topics than assigning unimportant homework. I really hope you studied. And took a few classes here and there that did not count towards graduation but count toward being a well-rounded human being.
Most of all, I hope you got an education and not just a diploma.
Maybe you spent a lot of time on campus and fell in love with how the walkways crunch with leaves during the fall, the coffee/bacon smell of the library, and how there is always free food somewhere on campus on any given day. I hope you were involved and gave back to your university, made lasting contacts and friendships with classmates and faculty, and most of all, I hope that you enjoyed yourself along the way.
For those of you continuing on with UVU, absorb everything. This campus is a special place that houses very talented, passionate people.

Congratulations grads!
Jennie Nicholls-Smith
UVU Review, Editor-in-chief 2009-2010

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