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CSAs bring great opportunity for fresh produce

Community-Supported Agriculture is a burgeoning movement in Utah in which customers pay upfront for summer-long harvests at local farms. Though most farms are outside of Utah Valley, many of them have drop-off points here.

One local CSA is Roberts Ranch and Gardens. Like most other local CSAs, all positions for 2010 membership are full. However, Roberts offers a second option in which customers can order produce each week until October 12. To sign up for this option go to, e-mail [email protected] or call at 801-836-0232.

Roberts Ranch offers vegetables, fruit, eggs and beef. They don’t use any synthetically derived chemicals on plants or give hormones or antibiotics to their cattle; instead, they fertilize produce by cover cropping, composting, and adding naturally-occurring minerals, micro- and macro-nutrients to the earth.

For a more comprehensive list of Utahan CSA’s, go to

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