Staff Infection: What is your favorite band and why?

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What is your favorite band and why?

“Creed!!! Nuff said.” –Trent Bates

“U2. There’s something foolish but ballsy about believing you’re the last great rock band in the world, and you’ve gotta hand it to them Irish boys: most of the time, it’s just too much fun watching them try.” –Matthew Jonassaint

“Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band. Because I met those mother effers! And it was cool because I was a reporter at the time for a newspaper that can get cool credentials like that. But seriously, listen to “To All the Lights in the Window.’ You’ll understand.” –Jennie Nicholls-Smith

“I’m gonna say The Weakerthans because naming a lesser-known Canadian indie band that sings about curling and bus drivers sounds much cooler than the actual truth. Reputation saved.” –Lindsey Linge

“The Pixies! Because!” –Greg Wilcox

“My sentimental favorite is Rilo Kiley. They helped me through countless heartaches and frustrations.” –Meghan Wiemer

“The Talking Heads, even if only for ‘This Must Be the Place.’ Any band that can claim a song like that owns my heart permanently and unconditionally.” –Emma Hunt

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