President Holland Announces New VPs

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holland-vps-picked-webcopyPresident Matthew Holland recently made important executive personnel announcements regarding his new administration, specifically concerning the vice president of development and alumni and the interim vice president for academic affairs.

Since 2006, Val Hale has been the Advancement Vice President, working closely with members of the community to raise funds for the university. Since the economy has taken a negative turn, private funds have been difficult to acquire. In turn, Holland’s professional move was not just one little administrative change, but one of many decisions he believed were essential to make.

“This position will be increasingly important because as state funding to UVU decreases, the need for private funding will rise,” said Hale, who is currently working as the VP of development and alumni. “Many of the new projects that will be coming on line in the future will require a great deal of private funding in order to make them happen.”

On May 19 and 20, an open forum was held for three finalists: David Driggs, Marc Archambault, and Kent Haslam. On June 3, President Holland officially appointed Marc Archambault as the new vice president of development and alumni.   “We feel extremely fortunate to welcome Marc and his extensive background in fundraising and development to UVU,” said President Holland. “He brings a new level of sophistication and a proven track record of success to one of UVU’s administrative imperatives: securing more private resources. This will be key for UVU to reach its remarkable potential as a university, and I am confident that Marc will play a vital role in helping us do just that.”

On August 1, Archambault will take over the responsibilities for fundraising and alumni relations formerly held by Hale. On June 13, Ian Wilson recommenced his duties as Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs, a position previously held by Elizabeth Hitch.

During the 2010-2011 academic year, Wilson will act as VP of Academic Affairs until administration hires a permanent replacement Wilson has provided extensive service as VP of Advancement and from 1989 to 2001 as Dean of the Woodbury School of Business.

“Ian Wilson is held in very high regard campus wide,” said President Holland. “The fact that he continues to be pegged for significant positions of leadership, in spite of his best attempts to return to the classroom, is evidence of his unusual combination of personal modesty and stellar abilities.”

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