Police blotter

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False Alarm:

April 2- An officer was dispatched to the old Wee Care center. The officer found that the alarm was set off accidentally by construction workers in the building. The alarm was reset and no further action was taken.

April 8- The alarm in the Wee Care center was set off again, this time by the painting crew. Officers arrived and reset the alarm.

April 8- Officers responded to an alarm at the Brent Brown Ballpark. The alarm was triggered because the Athletics Department was using an unauthorized smoke machine. The alarm was reset and the building was vented.

April 15- A full fire alarm was activated in the library in the evening. Officers responded and evacuated everyone from the building. After some investigation, they found that the alarm had accidentally been pulled while a play was being rehearsed in the auditorium. The alarm was reset and everyone was allowed to re-enter the library.


Elevator Rescue:

April 2- Police were dispatched to the Gunther Technology building to assist with a broken elevator with passengers inside. The officers called the maintenance department, who was able to get the doors open and free the passengers in less than half an hour.


Suspicious Persons:

April 9- Police were dispatched to the UVU campus airport to investigate a suspicious package placed in a dumpster by an unknown man. Officers located the package, which turned out to be an empty suitcase, and determined there was no threat. No further action was taken.

April 12- An officer responded to reports of a man walking down the street shouting something unidentified. The officer arrived 20 minutes after the report was received, but could not locate the man.

April 13- Reports were received of two juveniles on bikes near the Extended Education building who were carrying what appeared to be a firearm. Officers responded, but were unable to find them.





Employee Harassment:

April 3- A woman was working early morning hours at a local business when she noticed a man waiting outside the doors. When she looked at the man, he flashed her and ran away. He was later located at a bus stop by police and cited.

April 3- An employee at Costco asked a man parked in the fire lane several times if he would move his car. The man became angry and hit the employee with his car door. Police later contacted the man and cited him.


Under the Influence:

April 6- An officer responded to a report of a man and woman fighting in a parking lot. When the officer arrived, he found it was just an argument. He also found some marijuana in the man’s possession and cited him for it.

April 13- An officer stopped a car in order to cite the driver for not having the car headlights turned on. A large amount of meth was found inside the car, and the driver received much more than a citation for driving without headlights.

April 15- Some officers noticed a man suspiciously hanging out behind Trafalga. As they approached the man, they discovered he was smoking marijuana. The officers confiscated the joint and cited the man.




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