Police blotter

Car Theft

An officer responded to a call of a car theft that had occurred in lot L1. After speaking with the complainant, they discovered that they had actually parked the car near the library and not lot L1.


A woman told police that someone had used her debit card again without her permission. The woman stated that this has been going on for over a year and she just filed a case with another agency the day before. She also said that the charges were not made at UVU, but she wanted to make UVU police aware of the situation.

Medical Emergency

A man went into diabetic shock after his insulin pump pumped too much insulin into his system. An IV was started by Orem Fire Department Paramedics to get the man’s blood sugar levels back to normal.

Premises Check

While patrolling, an officer found classroom 517 in the Computer Science Building open and unsecured. The officer closed the door and secured the classroom.

Traffic Injury

An officer arrived near the Classroom Building in regards to a person witnessing a woman get hit by a vehicle. The woman then got into the vehicle that hit her and left with the driver. The officer stopped the vehicle and the driver stated that he did not know the woman. She had just gotten into his car and he took her to the Liberal Arts Building.

Keeping the Peace

An officer arrived to the UVU Health Professions Building to keep the peace while an administrator spoke to a student known to have been verbally aggressive in the past. The meeting concluded without incident.

Fire Alarm

A fire alarm went off at the UCCU Center. An officer arrived and found there was no fire. The alarm was caused by smoke and dust from nearby construction.


An officer found a person with an arrest warrant near McDonalds. The officer transported them to Utah County Jail.

Welfare Check

Dispatch notified police of a man sleeping under a tree by the Browning Administration Building. An officer checked the man’s I.D., gave him a trespassing warning and asked him to leave campus.

Found Item

An officer met with a woman at the police department’s lobby about a ring found in the Gunther Technology Building. The ring was turned over to Campus Connection’s lost and found.

Found Animal

A student found a dog on campus heading into traffic. The student brought the dog into the Pope Science Building and called UVU Police. When an officer arrived, they did not find any tags on   the dog and the dog was taken by animal control.

False Alarm

An officer investigated a panic alarm that went off in the Woodbury Business Building, to find that the alarm was set off by accident.

Suspicious Person

A report was made of a man walking around the Fulton Library Building without it being opened. When an officer arrived, they were unable to locate anyone inside the library. After reviewing video footage, the officer found that it was actually two men who both had legal access to the library.

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