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Property Damage:

Sept. 2: A project car was being unloaded with a forklift. When the car was placed on the ground, it rolled into the building, causing some damage. No further assistance was needed.


Fire Alarm:

Sept. 2: A fire alarm went off in the Computer Science Building. It was determined that the contractor who was working on the sprinkler system accidently triggered the alarm. No further action was needed.


Bicycle Accident:

Sept. 2: Officers responded to a report that a bicyclist had wrecked his bike near the tunnels that go under I-15. Officers say that he was going too fast and wasn’t able to brake soon enough to avoid hitting the railing. The bicyclist’s family took him to the hospital. There was no property damage.


Noise Complaint:

Sept. 3: A call came in about a group making too much noise around 6 a.m. in the East Fields. When an officer arrived the group had already left. Contact was made with the group and they were informed of the complaint. No further action was needed.


Public Disturbance:

Sept. 3: Officers responded to a call about someone causing a disturbance in the Student Life and Wellness Building. The caller reported an intoxicated person in the building. The officers met with the individual in question and after not finding alcohol, asked him to leave the area.


Medical Response:

Sept. 2: The UVU Emergency Response Team and the Orem Paramedics evaluated a female student, who had a seizure. She was released to her husband, who took her home.

Sept. 5: Officers responded to a call in the Student Life and Wellness Building for a male who had injured his leg. When the Officers arrived, the individual said he had called dispatch to get an athletic trainer’s phone number. The scene was cleared and no further action was taken.




Drunk Driver:

Sept. 8: An officer attempted to pull over a woman for a possible DUI. The driver did not stop the car until she reached her home. She was arrested for DUI, evading and resisting arrest.


Stolen Goods:

Sept. 8: A man walked out of an Orem Maverick without paying for two 12 packs of Pepsi that he was carrying. When an officer found and tried to stop the man, he started to run. The suspect was caught and booked for felony theft, failure to stop for a police officer and warrants.


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