New beginning

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Students take a tour of campus as part of umpstart Orientation. Jake Buntjer / UVU Review

As the new school year commences, many students anxiously and nervously prepare for a new and exciting beginning.

For some, this year will be their first and they are entering an unknown world, while for others this will be there final year and they are hoping to go out with a bang.

Wherever students are in their college experience, this year can be the best year yet. One good way to make the most of the time spent here is by getting involved. With numerous clubs and organizations on campus, the options are vast. There is a place for every student at this school.

One program in place for new students is First Year Experience, or FYE. According to Martha Wilson, Program Coordinator of Student Success and Retention, research has found that a student’s success is directly linked to the experience they have during their first year of college.

FYE is in place to help create a good first year experience for all new students. This is done through several programs, events and an array of services. To start the year off right, students can participate in Jumpstart Orientation where they have the opportunity to take a tour of the school, meet student body officers and get involved with different campus organizations.

Whether students are facing their first year or fourth, there is always an opportunity make every year here a new and eventful beginning.

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