Nate Bagley

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What is your major? Concentration?
Communications, Theory and Practice

What has been your most memorable moment at UVU?
Aside from kissing girls, my most memorable experience at UVU was my push to get a room at the UVU library named after Stephen Colbert. A lot of people really got worked up over that… which made me lolirl (laugh out loud in real life).

Being a columnist for the UVU Review (holla) would definitely rank high on the list. I didn’t expect such so many desperate college singles to find use from my Unsolicited Dating Advice.

But really, I’m pretty sure the ultimate highlight was my recent trip to New York City with six other students and two professors from the Communications Department. New York has awesome hot dogs.

Biggest achievement?
Never doing summer sales. Ever. Ok, but really, my biggest achievement was learning that grades are overrated. C’s get degrees. When I started focusing on applying my efforts and knowledge to projects that were not school related, the rewards just started stacking up.

What are your plans following graduation?
I plan to be awesome and filthy rich. You’ll see my name on the side of a building on this campus within the decade, mark my words.

What will you miss about UVU?
I will miss all of the UVU students who applied to BYU, but couldn’t get in. You know, the ones who wear socks with their sandals, the blue “Fully Invested” t-shirts tucked into their high-waist jeans held up by a braided leather belt.

Any words of wisdom?
Yes, I have many.

* Never buy text books. You won’t read them anyway. Spend the money on something cool, like gum.
* Using public bathrooms saves money on toilet paper.

More money than you’d think.

* Take a dance class. You’ll regret it later if you don’t.
* Do internships. Cool internships. Internships that are out of state. They will give you serious street cred later on.
* Be nice. Work hard. Get involved.
* There is never a good excuse to pop your collar. Ever.

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