Mental Health Services sees ‘no decrease’ in patients despite restrictions

(photo by Hunter Hall)

According to Dr. Ammon Cheney, a psychologist with Mental Health Services, aside from a small and expected dip over the summer, Mental Health Services has not experienced an increase or decrease in students utilizing the services this semester – despite heavy restrictions. 

This contradicts the projections of many other programs at UVU under COVID-19 restrictions. Cheney credits this success to the quick and smooth transition of Mental Health Services into the new restrictions.

UVU Student Health Services sent a letter to all UVU students and staff on Sept. 10, reminding them that Mental Health Services is open and seeing patients in “several capacities.” The letter emphasized the desire of Mental Health Services to aid students during these unprecedented times. 

“As therapists, we are passionate about providing exceptional care to UVU students. We aim to stay on the cutting edge of science to inform our services and are continually engaged in furthering our expertise.” The letter stated.

Cheney emphasized the importance of students being aware of where they can go when they are struggling. He also praised Mental Health Services for its ability to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions and continue to offer stellar resources for students given current circumstances. 

Moving forward, Cheney said, Mental Health Services will continue to offer both telehealth and face to face appointments. In addition to their regularly scheduled group therapy sessions and one-on-one counseling, they are also offering special services for students who find themselves in crisis due to the pandemic. 

While pre-booking is encouraged and can be done both online and over the phone, students who need immediate support can find it at the Mental Health Services office in the Sorensen Center, Suite 221. Any student who chooses to utilize the services in person will be required to complete a health screening, practice social distancing guidelines and wear a mask. 

According to Cheney, the Mental Health Services’ website is the best resource for students to find information on the office and its functions during the pandemic. Students can also follow UVU Mental Health Services on Instagram @uvumentalhealth. 

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