MAWL lives on

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The student body and Student Association of Utah Valley University have chosen – the name of the student section will remain “MAWL,” the Mighty Athletic Wolverine League.

“I feel great about it. I’m glad that we had the opportunity to see the other possibilities and also that people are behind us sticking with the MAWL,” said Zach Trujillo, president of the MAWL.

On June 9, the UVUSA announced the idea to change the name and gave four choices: The Green Riot, The Pack, The Zoo, and the Green League. The MAWL was also on the ballot.

Trujillo and the MAWL committee members visited apartment complexes to get student opinions.

More than 700 wolverines voted. The majority voted in favor of keeping MAWL. The UVUSA council voted to keep the current name in a 12-11 split.

“UVUSA will continue to support MAWL full-heartedly and plan to have a very successful year cheering on our wolverines,” said Tyler Brklacich, UVUSA president.

Students responded by paper ballot, online vote and on Facebook.

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“We are excited that people were so enthusiastic about our proposal of renaming the MAWL, whether it was to keep the name or change it. I think this has shown that people do care about what happens at UVU and the future of student programs and athletics,” said Brklacich.

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