Letter from the Editor: Oct. 31

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Enthusiasm is contagious.


This issue is full of people’s hard work and enthusiasm. For some, it’s their pizza, for others, it’s making sure everyone has a good time. Some just want to give people what they want. Whatever the focus of the enthusiasm, it spreads like wildfire to other people with whom they share their experience.


For example, when I go to my favorite pizza joint, Nicoitalia’s pizza, I love that some young guy named Nick (which, coincidentally, nearly every owner of the pizza shops included in the Pizzacademy Awards was named Nick. And it should be mentioned that the writer’s name was also Nick.) draws his posters and cooks his pizza like it was his calling in life.


I love that Chet decided that if other radio stations weren’t going to give people what they want, he would. It’s interesting that those behind the Yo Gabba Gabba scenes saw a similar need and provided an answer to it.


What’s even better is that these people have ties to Utah Valley –whether they dress up as a pink monster after graduating from BYU or they sell jeans, they have added to our experience here and helped pass on a little enthusiasm to those of us still trying to figure out if we should don the monster suit or the corporate suit.


Celeste Tholen Rosenlof
The V Magazine Editor
[email protected]

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