Jaywalking costs

With several struck pedestrians in the past month, concern over jaywalking has escalated. Campus police officers have begun citing offenders. Randyl Nielson/UVU Review

As students rush from car to class, they sometimes forget the importance of being safe.

Starting last week, many students received a harsh reminder to keep safe when the campus police department started issuing misdemeanor citations for jaywalking.

Just like a traffic citation, a citation for jaywalking requires the student, faculty or even community member to either pay a fine or appear before a judge.

Whether it seems inconvenient or not, whenever crossing lanes of traffic, a crosswalk must be used, explained Detective Liddiard of the campus police.

It is also encouraged to use caution when walking through parking lots and construction areas on campus, as well.

While pedestrians are required to use crosswalks, drivers must yield to them and failure to do so will result in a citation from campus police, as well as a fine.

“Even if someone is out of a crosswalk, drivers must stop,” Liddiard said.

Campus police urge anyone walking or driving on campus to pay attention, be alert and to be aware of their surroundings.

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