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Qiang Fu, from Beijing, China and member of the International Student Council holds up a Chinese warrior with Steve Crook the Assistant Director of International Student and Scholar Services. Jake Buntjer/UVU Review

A year ago the faculty started to discuss a way to bring international experiences to campus that would go beyond food festivals and fun, something that would bring a real academic sense of how other countries operate.

Global Spotlight has been created for students of any major to gain an opportunity to participate in broadening their horizons and utilizing their education for practical application in this ever growing competitive world.

As part of the global spotlight program,  students will be offered an international experience through a series of lectures, news and student discussions, to be held on Tuesdays in the library, room 120, or another announced location.

Global spotlight will start its program with a focus on China. The series will begin on Sept. 14, with a lecture given by regional director Brett Heimburger who will speak on China’s future economic place in the world. The series will end in December with Dr. Susan Madsen’s topic, which will be focusing on women’s issues in China.

Director of international relations Danny Damron relates the importance of Global competence.

“Business, commerce, politics and environment issues are global,” said Damron. “Students need to talk intelligently about what’s going on in the world and demonstrate that they understand how it will impact their own career, and the business that their involved in.”

The hope is that the spotlight program will give students one more important stepping stone they need in order to reach a higher global awareness and the confidence they need to compete in the global workforce.

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