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Dear Editor,

As a student I am constantly running around UVU campus, from one class to another.  Usually after a couple of weeks I find the most time-efficient paths to follow as I travel.  Sometimes these paths take you across grassy lawns.  Honestly I know that I’m not the only person on campus who values time and energy, especially your own.  Other people discover these paths and use them on a regular basis; I know this because of the tangible proof of trails forming in the grass.  UVU, noticing that paths started forming in the grass, put up signs saying to keep off of the grass. This worries me, especially since UVU is not a nature preserve or National Park.  If it were, then the founders wouldn’t have bulldozed the ground in the first place.  Instead of punishing people for being practical and time efficient why don’t you use these new formed trails as an indicator for a much needed cement path.  After funding a 50 million dollar project to build a new library I don’t think that money is the issue here.  The school is already 80 percent cement, a little more to make things more practical wouldn’t hurt. Don’t take me wrong, grass is great and beautiful, but if people are going to stomp it to death anyway, why not take a hint and pave another path?

Jared Broadbent


Dear Editor,

I just want to say how much I love UVU. It is a school full of opportunities, great students, and an awesome staff. Where else can you go to college where professors actually know your name and who you are personally?

Of course I am not saying every professor here does this. I have a couple of professors that do not even recognize my face. But to those that do I want to say how much I, as a student, appreciate it. By knowing our names, it allows us to not just feel like a number on a sheet, but someone whose opinion and grades matter. It helps make school a more personal experience.  I think our world and generation need to get back in touch with “personal.”

Kasie Hugh

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