Is now the time to “Feel the Bern”?

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If you’re a follower of the Sanchez Chronicles, i.e., my articles, then it’s probably not difficult to observe that I lean more to the left than the right on the topic of politics. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I’m a supporter more of who has the better interest in what’s best for our country, but I personally feel that is more Liberal than Conservative.

With that being said, our beloved nation is in an election year, and faces one of the toughest decisions ever: “Make America great again” by voting for a modern day Hitler (my personal opinion), vote for an old man who many assume needs a lesson in Econ. 101, or vote for our potential first female president, who is possibly facing federal charges for her e-mail controversy…?

I support the thought of our first female president. It’s about time for some real change, but I don’t think Hillary is the right fit for the position, and I definitely do not support “The Donald”. So, as you can assume, my vote goes to Bernie! The problem: Bernie doesn’t seem to stand a chance right now, unless he can miraculously kill it in California, and clean house on the delegates.

Let’s look at this election as a whole. A lot of people support Trump, as he is a change from your daily politician, and they fear what Clinton might be capable of. Many support Sanders, as he’s a great thought for the American people, but lacks the resource and the credibility/awareness. Surprisingly, however, Sanders has made a drastic increase in voting turnout by reaching out to the millennial voters.

So, the problem at whole is simple; people don’t want Trump, nor Clinton. But they are somewhat too afraid to vote for Sanders. So the Dems vote for Clinton, Reps vote for Trump, Sanders gets minimal love, which creates this result: if it’s Trump vs. Clinton, Trump will win, but if it’s Trump vs. Sanders, Sanders will win…

People, it definitely is the time to start Feeling the Bern, seriously though. I am not a political science major, but I definitely know that when it comes to our nations finances, domestic affairs and foreign affairs, I want someone who has experience and knowledge in what to do. Not someone who has literally no experience with politics. I am terrified for what will come if Trump wins office. I know we’re scared, but look what happened to Germany in 1934. If you still want to vote for Trump, then please do everyone a favor: take a quick history lesson and review before you hit the polls. Comment or tweet your thoughts @thereal_jsanch.

4 thoughts on “Is now the time to “Feel the Bern”?

  1. A couple of points – First, you encourage people to look at history so let’s look at history. Hitler was a socialist, not a CEO of his own multi-Billion dollar organization. He had failed at most of what he had tried to do along the way, so your Trump/Hitler insinuation is completely off base. In fact Hitler’s history and belief system aligns far more closely with our modern political left and the socialism espoused by Bernie Sanders. So stop the fear mongering and discuss the issues.

    Second, the office these three are competing for is that of “Chief Executive” of our nation. Of the three there is one with Chief Executive experience. To make the leap from lawmaker (legislative branch) to executive is actually quite a difficult one to make. Looking again at our own history of Presidents who have done well you will see that those who have come from a business executive background or who have already been a State Governor do far better in the White House than those who make the shift from legislative to executive branch. Neither Bernie nor Hillary have one iota of executive experience. (In fact Hillary disavows almost every decision she has ever made and Bernie didn’t even have a job until he was 40…and then it was a government job.)

    That said, if you truly do want what is the best for your country then take a good look at history and rewrite your article…we don’t need more of the status quo. We need change and no one who is inside the system will make any changes for the benefit of the nation…they will just keep on driving us over a cliff.

    1. Stephen,

      Thank you for your comment. As this is an opinion piece, and your comment is an opinion, I will not condemn yours. Just to point out facts, however, Hitler was not a socialist. He was a Fascist. And Trump is a CEO, sure, but he is also a trust fund child, who inherited his money, and businesses. You point out that Hitler failed everything he did prior to taking over Germany, well tell me, where are Trump University, Trump Airlines,Trump Steaks, and his 3 divorces? On that note, Trump has filed for bankruptcy 4 times. check my other article here, I’ve done my research: .That’s a lot of failure in-itself. So, IN MY OPINION, I feel that my Trump/Hitler insinuation is very well aligned. Also, they both caught a country in fear, and sparked a revolution.

      Maybe Bernie isn’t the best, but all-in-all, Trump isn’t either. I’d still rather have someone who knows politics. Someone who understands how to handle foreign and domestic affairs, not just be a child when upset and take the toy away from the other.

      Thanks again for the comment!

      – Jesse

  2. Jesse: I’ll split this into two conversations – one addressing your concerns about Trump and the other addressing Hitler and Nazis. On Trump:

    Was he a “trust fund child”? Not sure if this is technically true or no as I know of no Trump trust but he did inherit companies (primarily real estate) worth about 100 million dollars when he took the helm. Now it is worth billions. This means that he has taken what he was given and grown it by some 20 to 70 times depending upon whose numbers you look at. I know a lot of “trust fund children” who do a LOT worse–leaving little or nothing to their next generation.

    On failed companies – yes, he’s had a few. I have had a few. I’ve worked for others which have failed. I entered the workforce in the 80s–and the real estate market turned upside down in the early 1990s (largely due to the Democratic led tax overhauls of 1986 kicking in). I worked for a hotelier at the time – the largest franchisee of Embassy Suites hotels and saw exactly what he did – he simply handed the keys back to the banks because in many cases the loans on the hotels were more than the hotel values. Trump nearly lost everything in this market crash. At one point he figured his net worth was negative. Did he bankrupt some companies? Yes. But in most cases he did all he could to work through the mess and continue to provide jobs for his people. Not everything he has done has turned to “gold” but he has a whole lot more successes than failures. Please put these up against any other candidate and show me any of their business or political successes as “CEO” of whatever they were doing. I’d rather have a man who fights and wins most of his battles than someone afraid to take the field…

  3. On Hitler – I’ll let his words answer for me: “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”

    You used the term “Fascist” which it typically used to identify Hitler. Often this term is associated with the far “right” intolerant. But what is Fascism really? It is the state taking over the means of production, banking, healthcare, etc. It is actually very much in-line with today’s socialistic ideals (other than Fascists are against any democracy–but then so are Socialists once they are in power…). In fact Hitler and Stalin began WWII as allies – their economic systems and ideologies being very much in-line. It wasn’t until Hitler broke this truce and attacked Russia in 1941 that their relationship fell apart.

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