Adrenaline junkies’ paradise

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Tickets to this popular festival quickly sold out. Ai Mitton/ UVU Review
Tickets to this popular festival quickly sold out. Ai Mitton/ UVU Review

The Banff Mountain Film Festival went off with a bang this year. Every adrenalin seeking junkie in Utah Valley showed up for this years film festival.  The hallway upstairs in the Student Center was lined with people waiting to get in. Local and national sponsors showed up and had every thing from backpacks and sleeping bags to head lamps and carabineers out for people to try out. Posters of famous rock climbers and mountain bikers were given out for free.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival (BMFF) World Tour brings the excitement, the spectacle, and the richness of the mountains and mountain culture may sites around the world. Featured a spectacular, inspiring, funny, exciting, and thought-provoking mountain films from around the world, the BMFF is an exhilarating exploration of the mountain world from remote landscapes and cultures to adrenaline-packed action sports.

This year’s films included extreme mountain biking shorts, a canoe trip across Canada with two parents, their three-year-old boy and their dog, a rock climbing film, and squirrel suit jumping films. During the film festival people are encouraged to yell and shout during the films. Which makes the Banff Film Festival not only fun to watch but fun to attend.

When you get a chance to check out this film festival next time, it’s a must see.

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