4 only 1 gallery

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_DSC0469-copywebContinuing their silent protest, the art department is maintaining a minimal yet commanding presence in the former 401 Gallery in GT level four, now being labeled the “4 Only 1 Gallery”. One has to literally maneuver into the crevice in which artwork is now displayed, while the music department reserves the majority of space for their outer lobby. In case you are too large to fit into the nook, you should know that the artwork currently being exhibited is a color photo titled “Action Art at MoMA, NYC” contributed by Art and Visual Communications Professor Patrick Wilkey. Every art major is disturbed by the sudden takeover, having been left high and dry without a place to display the fruits of their labor. Having invested funds into the former gallery, one might wonder why the art department is not being given priority, and why the art students who contribute equally in tuition, are being completely neglected.


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