A call to all students to live your lives

Dear fellow students of Utah Valley University, I ask you what better time than now to travel, what better place than (insert dream location) and why the hell not?

Now is the time for you to escape what many people call the best time of your life and have a better time (meaning this summer, don’t drop your classes and leave now).  Get out of good ole’ Happy Valley because there is so much more out there to see.

“But Dave, how ever could I travel in this economy?” you ask.

Economy ecscomony. You don’t have to go live in Paris where it’s five euros for a small soda. There are some really cheap places you can travel.

You are at a great place in your life when you can take out loans that don’t need to be paid back until after you graduate and you are making the big bucks at some super successful law firm or pest control company (wink). Let me help you out: www.fafsa.org; enough said. Actually, one more thing: Whatever you do, don’t go to a payday loan company.

I urge you to go to your local bookstore or even the Outdoor Adventure Center in the student center and look at their travel books. Pick one out that looks good and put all doubt and money concerns aside. Talk to guys and gals who are seasoned travelers and they will know exactly what you will need for upcoming adventure to (insert dream location).

My advice for traveling cheap this week is to quit doubting yourself and make it happen. Sell some of those old basketball cards and anything else you have lying around, like the rejected engagement ring. Get rid of it, get cash in return and make things happen for yourself.

It’s easy and doable. You don’t have to break the bank to travel. I’m telling you its easier and less expensive than you might think, so buy a backpack and hit the road.

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