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Photo courtesy of Russel Lee

“My dad died, and after his death I went into an isolated depression,” Lee said. “My body fell apart and I didn’t really understand it, because I was in my twenties. I went to a specialist in gastroenterology, and he pretty much walked in the room, asked me a few questions, told me to exercise and then split. It was probably the best money I spent out of all the other things I tried.”

Lee explains that shortly thereafter, he attended a yoga class and was immediately drawn to the practice. He began practicing consistently, twice a week, for about three years. As his enthusiasm increased, so did his weekly commitment.

“I had never done an exercise that made me feel like I was completely focused on my body,” Lee said.

Lee has since instructed at many studios and also teaches on campus. He began the Yoga Club in 2009, which is held each Wednesday night at 8 p.m. in PE 226. Deciding to take his passion a step further, Lee recently decided to open Yoga Sun Studio.

“I have always wanted to do a studio, just because I like yoga and I want to share it with people,” Lee said.

The grand opening party for Yoga Sun was held on Sept. 10 and was complete with live music, belly dancing, food and friends. The welcoming atmosphere of this initial gathering is reflective of Lee’s teaching style and mindset, which invites all to share in the self-improvement and pleasure that come from practicing yoga.

Yoga Sun will be offering beginning, mixed level, focus, flow and core classes, among others. It costs $6 to drop in, $40 for an 8-card pass and $35 for unlimited monthly admission, all without the hassle of a contract.

“Feeling good in your body is the first step to being happy in your life.” Lee said. “It’s a personal experience. You should feel like you are becoming very intimate with yourself because you are getting to know yourself deeply.”

The studio is located at 1401 N. State Street in Orem. Its setting is comfortable and inviting, which sets it apart from many local studios, in which so many people can fit that there is little chance of receiving personal attention from the instructor.

If you are interested in finding out more about Yoga Sun, visit Bring this article with you to the studio, your first class will be free of charge.

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