Senior Art Exhibition 2010’s graduating class displays work at the Woodbury Art Museum

"Escatawpa" by Jesse Royston. Ai Mitton/ UVU Review
"Escatawpa" by Jesse Royston. Ai Mitton/ UVU Review

Beginning March 29, UVU’s graduating students from the bachelor of Fine Arts program will exhibit their senior art exhibition at the Woodbury Art Museum. The show will continue through April 30. The exhibit will open with a reception on March 29 from 6-8 p.m.

UVU senior BFA students Michelle Beck, Jenny Elizabeth, Anna Fulton, Autumn Linsley and Jesse L. Royston were chosen to present their work at the exhibition this year. The juried pieces in the exhibit include paintings, drawings and illustrations. Each student has brought their own perspective to the exhibit, to create a collaboration featuring the education and ideas students encountered and internalized while attending UVU.

According to a press release, Beck’s pieces use layer upon layer of raw materials to create texture similar to geological strata.

Elizabeth, an academically trained symbolist, portrays her ideas on the existence of life and nature through a combination of architecture, landscape and still life. Each of her pieces contains emotional and psychological depth, expressed through attention to her craft.

Fulton uses color, mixed media and calligraphic images to bring attention to the small details of life that bring contentment.

Linsley focuses on interpreting emotion through color, depth, light and dark, movement and space; using broad brushes and palette knives to create individualized brush strokes. Linsley references atmospheric space as her inspiration for color and composition.

In this exhibit, Royston creates “visual verses of sensory experiences with charcoal and pastel on large paper.” In 2009 she was chosen by UVU’s Scholarly and Creative Opportunities Program for her undergraduate research in synesthesia in art as a catalyst.

For more information, contact Marcus Vincent, associate professor at the Woodbury, at 801-863-4200.

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