Religious diversity celebrated on campus

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While it is easy to note the differences in various religions, one club on campus is trying to bring those of different faiths together.

UVU is home to a large variety of clubs, sports and other organizations run by students.  These organizations are an integral part of the positive experiences colleges have to offer.  With so many options, people are able to find peers with similar interests. The Utah Valley Interfaith Association is an organization for those interested or curious in the different religions in society and the people who belong to them.


Many may not realize the amount of religious diversity found in Utah County.  According to the ISA, Utah County is home to at least 21 religions, constituting 983 individual congregations. ISA is a club on campus that has been advised by Linda Walton and Mike Freeman since 1995.  According to Ms. Walton, ISA’s goals are “to defend religious liberty, educate about unfamiliar faiths/beliefs and reduce bigotry, work together on charities and provide a place to socialize.”


Paul Peterson, the club’s president, explained that ISA “is not a proselytizing organization. We’re simply trying to help people learn more about the many religions that exist around us.  Misconceptions are held by many about the beliefs and teachings professed by these faiths, and we are trying to help all who will listen learn to accept and love others.”


There are many reasons to join the ISA.  “I’m involved with this organization for a few reasons, but among the most prominent are my strong feelings regarding religious liberty, and a desire to help others feel that they belong,” Peterson said.  “I don’t want anyone to feel discriminated against because of what they believe in, and I plan on working hard to help spread love and understanding.”


To learn more about ISA or to get involved:



Next meeting:

Feb. 22, at 7 p.m. in SC206


By Austin Skousen
Life Writer

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