The following police reports were reported over the 2017 Fall semester

Sept. 8

Library Disturbance

An officer was called to the Fulton Library after two people were reportedly arguing. It was believed that one student was part of the DACA protest taking place that day. However, the officer found it was a student having a loud discussion with a cafe employee about comic books. They informed the officer that their argument was neither aggressive. Nor were they fighting. The officer reminded them that they are in a library and need to be respectful of the other students.


Aug. 5

Lost Purse

A woman attending a baseball game reported to police that her purse had been stolen. It was later found that the woman had forgotten she had handed her purse to a friend.


Oct. 5 – 2:38 p.m.

Bad Day

An officer responded to the Science Building regarding reports of a young woman crying and screaming in a bathroom stall. The officer met with her and found that she just needed some alone time to cry. The officer talked with her and found she was not in danger of hurting herself or others. The officer told the young woman to have a better day. Nothing further to report.


Oct. 22 – Past Midnight – 2:54 am

Pokemon Go

An officer saw a white pickup truck parked with its lights on in Lot M28. After he stopped, he found that the driver was playing Pokemon Go.


Aug. 30

Professor vs. Student Showdown

An officer responded to the Health Professions building after reports of a student and a professor having an argument. The professor nor the student would allow the other to speak. The officer stood by as the conversation eventually resolved peacefully.


Oct. 7 – 8:25 p.m.

Statue Groper

An officer was dispatched to meet with a group of underage people who wanted to report a man acting disorderly. He approached the youngsters and called them racist names before simulating sexual acts on a statue. The officer attempted to contact the man but was unable to.


Aug. 19


An officer responded to reports of a contained bat. Upon arrival, the caller confirmed that no one had been bitten or scratched by the bat. The bat was destroyed and disposed of, and no further action was taken.


Nov. 3 – 12:46 p.m.

Kids ‘n Rocks

Someone complained to police about small children throwing rocks at ducks in the ponds east of the baseball field. Upon arrival, the officer found six children aged 11 to 4 who admitted to throwing rocks in the pond near the ducks while feeding them. The officer asked the kids to not throw rocks.


Sept. 13

Suspicious Lurking

An officer was dispatched to President Holland’s house on reports of two men dressed in black hiding near the house. The officer was unable to locate the men. Nothing further to report.


Oct. 28 – 3:24 a.m.

Relationship Blues

An occupied vehicle was found in a church parking lot during an officer’s patrol. The officer spoke with the occupants who said they were having a discussion about their relationship. It was determined to be a non-criminal situation, so the officer left the scene.


Oct. 27 – 12:00 a.m.

Harassed by Custodial

An officer took a phone report from a man who said he feels he is being harassed by custodial staff for past problems and wanted to speak with the on-duty supervisor. A report was taken for further investigation.


The following were reported over the 2017 Summer semester

June 26

Nap Time

Officers responded to a report of man lying unresponsive on the ground near the freeway. Medical services arrived and after inspecting the man found that nothing was wrong, he was only sleeping.


June 27

Phone Threats

A man had been making phone threats to people on the lower level of Browning Administration Building. Officers took the man to the Ombudsman’s office for clarification.

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