Celebrate and Savor: The 2020 State of The University

UVU President Tuminez addressed the bright and expansive future of the university, as well as highlighted many impressive accomplishments by both UVU students and the school as a whole during the State of the University. (Photo by Natasha Colburn)

“Celebrate and Savor:” President Astrid Tuminez welcomes a decade of success and growth at the State of the University 2020.

Students and faculty at Utah Valley University achieved milestones in 2019 on local, state, and national levels. UVU President Astrid S. Tuminez showcased the university’s success and goals during the State of the University on January 29 in the Science Building auditorium.

Student Body and Graduation Rates Rise

By 2020, UVU has reached 41,728 students and is projected to have a student body size of 55,836 by 2028. Along with the growing student body, UVU’s graduation rate has raised seven points in the most recent measurement period.

UVU students competed in the Skills USA competition and received the highest number of gold medals and scored 2nd place out of the entire country. UVU student Emma El-Farra was named the best young chef in the Americas, and the Wolverine’s dance team earned a national championship. These, along with other student successes from 2019, were given the spotlight during the address.

The Vision 2030 Plan

“Nothing about growth phases me or makes me nervous,” said Tuminez. Utah Valley University has goals for future growth and success. The “Vision 2030” plan, detailing a ten-year-plan in store for UVU, was presented at the address. Plans for construction such as a new college for technology and engineering, an extension of the Sorensen Student center, and a sky bridge connecting the west and main sides of campus are underway.

Digital Transformation

A digital transformation is also taking place at UVU. By the spring semester of 2020, 37% of students were taking hybrid courses. More online sections for classes are being opened, and faculty at UVU is being certified for online teaching at an increasing rate.

“What do we do when people say ‘Hey UVU, you’re not even worthy to do this or that,’?” said Tuminez in her final remarks.

“I take these messages, and I just smile because I know something, and you know something that other people don’t. That we are Wolverines, that we are hungry, that we are gritty, that we care exceptionally, that we are exceptionally accountable, that we are ambitious and that we want to deliver exceptional results for ourselves, because our students are worth it.”

-UVU President Astrid Tuminez

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