Final institute devotional

The final institute devotional of the semester will not feature an apostle, general authority or any other nationally known speaker, but it is still expected to be a special event.

This installment of the weekly Friday devotional will feature the Latter-Day Celebration Choir. The event will be on April 15, starting at noon.

The musical devotional will be based around the “The Family: A Proclamation to the World,” a document that outlines the church’s view on the family and marriage. The proclamation was released in 1995.

The Latter-Day Celebration Choir is made up of students enrolled in the Institute program at UVU who have auditioned to be part of the choir. The choir is led by Ryan Eggett.

The devotional will be followed by the standard munch and mingle in the gym.

Devotionals will begin again in the Fall Semester.

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