UVU Officers Announce 2021 Election Results

Karen Magaña will become UVU’s Student Body President this April, as chosen by the voice of the students. 

The announcement came on Thursday, Feb. 25th  at 6p.m., after the 4-day voting took place at the school and online. Magaña will be joined by Bryson Finley as Executive Vice-President, Dylan Christensen as Vice-President of Academic Senate and Hayden Harward as Vice-President of Student Activities.

This finalizes the month-long campaigning process that started with individual applications, all the way through this final announcement. Candidates campaigned heavily at the school following Super Saturday, a day where signs, banners and other publicity was posted around the school to inform students who was running for office.

The student body accepted the challenge and showed up to the polls to cast their vote. All students had a chance to learn more about the candidates in-person, vote and take home some UVU swag. Students online followed a link that allowed them to login through the UVU portal and submit their ballot.

The winners will have to interview and appoint another 23 student council positions. For now, the now-elected candidates will continue through a process of orientation and training until they take office April 22nd

The Student Association will introduce the newly elected officers March 2, 2021 at 11a.m. at an event titled Pizza & Politics.

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