Construction Update: Who is affected on campus

Construction is an ongoing enterprise at UVU. Several current projects may be an impediment to students, faculty and staff. Here are some developments that affect various parts of campus.

Campus Drive

Campus Drive is open once again. While the road is open for vehicles, construction is continuing on lot M23 and the walkthrough tunnel that will connect The Green on Campus Drive with campus. Construction on The Green is ongoing and the first three buildings are expected to be finished before the 2020-21 school year.

Losee Center: First-year Advising Center

The First-year Advising Center, previously located on Floor 4 of the Losee Center, has temporarily been moved to Floor 3 of the Losee Center. “It’s probably the one that will affect students the most,” said Frank Young, associate vice president of the Facilities and Planning Department.

Advisors will continue to meet with students there until renovations have been finished on Floor 4. “We’re hoping that’s done around Thanksgiving or so,” Young said.

The Losee Center is also facing future expansion that will add offices and conference rooms in the Student Leadership and Success Studies area of Floor 4.

Utah Valley Institute of Religion

As of press time, construction is expected to finish for the Utah Valley Institute Building by Monday. The original plans for renovations were scaled back due to time concerns.

Health Professions Building

New labs were installed in the Health Professions Building and simulate the environment of a hospital. The labs incorporate mannequins equipped for a variety of simulations including child birth and cardiac arrest. The renovations were completed during the weekend.

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