Constitution Week

In celebration of Constitution Day on Sept. 17, the school sponsored its first ever Constitution Week on campus from Sept. 13-17, featuring learning activities about the Constitution.

Activities included several guest speakers, displays around campus, handouts of the Constitution and American flags and even Constitution Jeopardy.

Constitution Week Chair and Professor of History and Political Science Dr. Rick A. Griffin was excited about the participation and enthusiasm about the event and he hopes to make Constitution Week a new tradition here.

Griffin feels strongly that everyone should understand the importance of the Constitution in their lives.

“The Constitution is not partisan, it applies to all of us,” Griffin said. “No matter what our policies are or what our political views are, we are all subject to and protected by the Constitution.”

The event’s goals included commemorating the signing, celebrating citizenship and educating everyone about their rights and civic duties.

Constitution Week ended with a grand finale featuring Lt. Governor Greg Bell and Senator Orrin Hatch. Wrapping up the week with the closing address was Utah Chief Justice Christine Durham.

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