College of the arts

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Exemplary Engaged Learning Student  

Ryan Muirhead

College of the Arts

Ryan Muirhead was chosen as a student who has shown engaged learning for his determination and dedication.  He is graduating with a BFA in Photography. He has become an avid film shooter, which has led to several exciting opportunities. Muirhead is currently being sponsored by Kodak, and his work can be seen in their marketing campaigns worldwide. Ryan is currently the host of the “Film Show” on, which just finished shooting its second season in Las Vegas.

Exemplary Engaged Learning Student 

Chase Ramesy

College of the Arts

Chase Ramsey was chosen as a student that has shown engaged learning for his ambition in and out of the theatre department. He is currently a director/actor who works in many local venues. Ramsey has recently co-founded Warboy Theatre Projects, a theatre company that focuses on new works. He also co-founded Connections Theatre project, which is a state-funded project focused on theatre therapy for autistic children. Ramsey’s upcoming projects include: Bobby Strong in Urintetown at The Hale Center Theater Orem, directing What the Bellhop Saw and directing Reasons to be Pretty.


AS Valedictorian 


Associate of Science in Dance and working towards a Bachelor’s of Science in Community Health

[Question] What has been your motivation to succeed? Family, power, ambition, money, fear, OCD, etc.

[Answer] My “perfectionistic” attitude played a role in getting the high grades, but I think what motivated the most was a desire to learn and grow towards my potential. I remember when I was a new freshman in the dance program we watched the seniors perform a combination from their technique class and thinking, “Wow, I want that to be me. I want to keep dancing and become as amazing as they are!”

[Question] Who has been your mentor/example? Someone on campus you talked to frequently, someone who represented an ideal, a friend who pushed you to keep going, a parent/family member who loved and helped you?

[Answer] My parents are my greatest examples. They have supported me every step of the way in earning this degree. They listen when I need someone to talk to, provide me assistance when I’m in need, and encourage me to always do my best.

[Question] Why did you choose UVU?

[Answer] I had heard the UVU Dance program was one of the best in the state. During my senior of high school, I attended UVU Dance Days, a chance to take various classes from the faculty. I fell in love with it right away! I also earned the Presidential Scholarship through my academics and that sealed the deal for me.


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