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BS Valedictorian 

20130306_AWARDWINNERPHOTOSSally Hansen


[Question] Was it your intention to be Valedictorian or did it just happen?

[Answer] Being valedictorian was always a goal in the back of my mind, but I viewed it as a lofty goal and not one that I really thought I would achieve. I was definitely shocked when I found out.

[Question] What has been your motivation to succeed? Family, power, ambition,
money, fear, OCD, etc.?

[Answer] My biggest motivation to succeed has been the fact that I am insanely competitive. As bad as it sounds, beating the guy next to me is what pushes me to work hard and be the best I can be. I am also very driven to make my family and loved ones proud of me and the things I have achieved.

[Question] Who has been your mentor/example? Someone on campus you talked to
frequently, someone who represented an ideal, a friend who pushed you
to keep going, a parent/family member who loved and helped you?

[Answer] Dr. Daren Heaton has been my greatest on campus mentor and resource as I’ve gone through college. I found out he was my relative and signed up for his freshman chemistry class. He took me under his wing and suggested I choose chemistry as a major. Since then I have spent many hours talking with him in his office and he has been a huge part of my success.

Student Engagement/Success Stories



Ashley Grimm, the 2012 Tutor of the Year, graduates this month with degrees in Biology and Spanish, both of which will serve her well as she moves on to medical school. While at UVU, Ashley served as president of the UVU Pre-Med Club and volunteered her language skills in Red Cross Outreach, 4-H Mentoring, UVU’s Dental Hygiene program and in local elementary schools. She has worked on campus as a science tutor for nearly four years in Academic Tutoring. Ashley plans to work with Spanish-speaking populations in the western U.S. as a physician, as well as doing humanitarian work in developing countries, building on the foundation of engaged learning she began at UVU.


UV Mentor


Homeless. Long dreadlock hair. Without much direction in life. Yes, this was John Lorz a handful of years ago. Now, he is an “engaged learner” at UVU. Now he is a leader of 40 peer mentors in the UV Mentor Program. He has facilitated learning in multiple sections of CLSS 1000 with more than 120 students. He has worked on research with Dr. Price and later piloted mentoring in a genetics class. He just submitted an IRB for his own research and is scheduled to present at an academic conference. He has applied for internships and will add more activities and experiences to this list before graduates. John Lorz is an engaged learner!



University College Valedictorian 

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 3.14.53 PMKimberly Nelson

Associate of Sciences Degree, University Studies