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The Republican primary elections for Utah’s opening senate seat will be held on June 22. Democratic candidate Sam Granato was chosen over Christopher Stout after the convention in May. The main election will be in November.

Bob Bennet (incumbent, Republican)

  • Economy and taxes: low taxes; restrained federal spending
  • Energy: fossil fuels should be used as a bridge toward becoming dependent on renewable energy
  • Health care: health care reform should not expand the government; voted against Democrat health care plan
  • Agriculture: Utah must secure funds for agricultural research, advancing technology, water-shed development and predator control for farmers
  • National security: Congress must do everything it can to help the military deter terrorism
  • Abortion: pro-life; cosponsored bill saying federal funds cannot be used for abortions
  • Immigration: introduced legislation requiring Census Bureau to inquire about legal status, ensuring that population statistics for the House were based on legal population only

Tim Bridgewater (Republican)

  • Economy and taxes: Congress must give the president less to spend
  • Energy: supports nuclear energy as well as other alternatives
  • Health care: power should be returned to the states; recent health care bill should be repealed
  • Agriculture: no information available
  • National security: no information available
  • Abortion: pro-life; the unborn, elderly, handicapped and helpless have right to live
  • Immigration: supports closed borders, deportation and revoking citizenship to children born in the U.S. to illegal parents

Mike Lee (Republican)

  • Economy and taxes: ending deficit spending; instituting a flat tax
  • Energy: authorize drilling at Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; stop buying oil from other countries
  • Health care: defund and repeal Obamacare
  • Agriculture: no information available
  • National security: strengthen national security; complete objectives in Afganistan
  • Abortion: power to make abortion legislation should be returned to the states
  • Immigration: strengthen border; verify status of every employee; deny welfare to illegal immigrants; remove automatic citizenship to children born in the U.S. to illegal parents

Sam Granato (Democrat)

  • Economy and taxes: support small businesses to create jobs; regulate Wall Street; no flat tax
  • Energy: no nuclear testing
  • Health care: expand recent health care bill to fix cost-containment issues
  • Agriculture: treated wastewater should be utilized for farming
  • National security: no information available
  • Abortion: no information available
  • Immigration: no information available

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