Affordable video games? Look out the “Ouya” is out

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Paola Vaughan, Reporter, @paovaughan2010



In the last decade, video games took over the market, and kids are not the only ones looking for them anymore. Somehow video games have made their way to capture adults, and this new target audience is giving millions and millions of dollars to the industry.


Nowadays, you don’t need a computer to play a video game; you can easily access games on tablets, smart phones and consoles.


Famous video consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and DS are leading the numbers on the market, but they also have a higher cost; just the console with one remote can easily cost up to $300 and the game prices are from $25 to $60. The average consumer can have a hard time trying to decide which one to buy because the high price tag attached.


Ouya was created for those who love video games but cannot afford those prices. This is a Kickstarter backed video game project, and it will bring home the experience of playing those games that you played on smart phones and tablets. Only now consumers will get to do it in their living room on a screen larger than their palm.


The price of the console is $99, making it more affordable for customers than the big-ticket consoles that run upwards of $300. The target groups they want are students and families with young kids. These audiences are always looking for affordability and good quality, and this is what Ouya claims to be all about.


The Ouya video game console offers high quality video games at inexpensive prices. The Ouya was made with the same technology as a smart phone, and likewise touts a simple, portable design making it easy to transport.


There are options for single player and multiplayer games. Also, good graphics and good sound mean this video console is competitive. According to a few game developers, there are already lists of games that are worth buying.


Ouya’s game prices can be easy on the wallet. The starting prices are from $5 to $20, and they give you the opportunity to play a free demo, which gives consumers an idea if they really want to buy the game or not.


Ouya allows players to connect any USB or Bluetooth game controller, including controllers from different video game consoles. The creators of the Ouya say they are committed to serving gamers and give them a good experience with the product. There are no limitations for this console. They keep developing new content for it, and as soon as the developers are aware of any issues, they fix it and update the system. This is an innovative and interesting product and the company is confident that it will be a hit.


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