A Message From the Student Body President

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I’m Jono Andrews and the current Student Body President. I’ve been a wolverine since 2007! While playing lacrosse for UVU I realized how important it is to be involved with this school. Since being elected into this position my team and I have worked diligently to making sure the school year of 2013-2014 will be a fun and exciting time at UVU. Through out the year I hope you will take a second to breath in the hallways and see what fun activities and opportunities there are for you.


While I have been in meetings with Administration I have seen them worry and fight for your experience here at UVU. This school’s motto and current foundation is built off of being engaged. I hope you will take the administrations advice and search for more ways to be engaged. If you do I promise you that you will not regret it. This school allows so much potential of growth for you as a student. I know this because I am currently living it. I took the advice of a former friend and applied myself not only to school but to also having fun at the school.


Our new Student Life and Wellness Building will bring more activities to our campus. Our team and I are working hard to making sure your student fees are being well spent on something everyone can enjoy! If you ever find yourself this year upset or distressed please reach out to me or to one of the members of UVUSA. We are here for you! If you as a student want to see changes I will personally be your voice when I meet with the current administration.


My team and I want you to “FIND YOUR FIRE” this year! This means to get involved in anyway possible! If you need a little help in finding something that you are passionate in, stop by my office at SC105 and we can chat! I am excited to personally get to know you on face-to-face bases. Good Luck this year and good luck finding out what it means to be a WOLVERINE!


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