4 plus 94 = graduate school

Graduate schools from around the country came to town to recruit students Sept. 21. Many students got a feel for what to expect in the application process. Randyl Nielson/UVU Review

While thousands of colleges and universities from across the nation were invited, only 94 of them showed up at the Graduate School Fair on Sept. 28 in the Grande Ballroom.

With four people in a committee, Sue Stevenson from the Career Services department manages to help students wanting to know more about their choices for graduate school by holding the graduate school fair.

According to Stevenson, the fair was  very successful.

“We are a full house; we have many students here,” she said, “a lot of student traffic and we base our success on student traffic, the surveys they fill out and percentage of attendance from different schools. We look at the whole picture and determine whether we are successful or not.”

Schools in the country represented were some of the best and gave students a variety of options, from chiropractic studies and pharmacy, to general communication, medicine, business and law.

There were schools from all over the country, such as Life College from Georgia, McGeorge School of Law from Sacramento, Duke, BYU, U of U and many more.

Students might not know whether they want to go to graduate school, which is one reason the fair is held. Students can have a better understanding of what graduate school is, how it works and the different programs they offer.

According to recruiter Christopher Chin from McGeorge School of Law, education sets the foundation for the best job.

The first thing to think about when choosing a graduate school, according to Stevenson, is to make sure students are passionate about the career they are choosing.

If students are not crazy about their bachelor’s degree, there are plenty of options for graduate school that do not require a specific major and could be what students are really passionate about.

That is what the fair is about, to give students a sense of what they can do after graduating from this university.

Sarah Lindsey, professional program coordinator for the U of U shared some comments on what students should do before applying to graduate school.

“The one thing I would say is shadow a professional and find out what a normal day is for that type of career, so as you go through school you can look forward to that,” Lindsey said.

For more information on graduate studies, contact the Career Services department at 801-863-6364.

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